Synergistic Combination

  • Both Racemethionine and Taurine are concentrated in liver and play important role in liver function, detoxification of harmful substances and hepatocyte protection. Many of their functions are independent of each other.

  • When taurine is used up for metabolic reactions, it is biosynthesized from methionine. Thus methionine is used up in this process. During stressed conditions or increased liver function requirements more and more methionine may be used up for taurine formation causing methionine depletion. Supplementation of taurine reduces the need for conversion of methionine to taurine thus allowing methionine for its other important functions of liver protection.

  • Further, in some patients excess methionine has been reported to increase homocysteine levels. Increased homocysteine levels may be associated with abnormal cardiovascular functions. It is found that taurine causes excretion of homocysteine via kidney and thus prevents its damages, if any.

  • Thus the combination of Racemethionine and Taurine.   is a synergistic combination useful in various liver diseases and others.

Racemethionine 200 mg + Taurine 500 mg Tablet / Capsule

Racemethionine 100 mg + Taurine 250 mg / 5ml Syrup